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Library 2012

So, I was watching the coverage of time passing ahead of the Olympics next year, and started thinking:

What if we had our very own Library Olympics?

We could have events, medals & ceremonies. Wear lycra. Eww, okay, maybe not the lycra- after all, it probably wouldn’t meet the dress code. Or, would it..?

Anyway, the events would obviously have to be library related, so I’m thinking:

  • Speed shelving
  • 100m book trolley dash
  • Hurdling the Level 2 barriers (some of the students would ace this)
  • Marathon (race up the stairs from Level 2 to 6, Empire State Run style)
  • 4x400m Processing Relay
  • 50k walk (we’d have to get the RMT on board for this one, shouldn’t be too difficult…)
  • DDDecathlon

We’ve got a Pool, and a tannoy for announcements, as well as access to national anthems online (my personal favourite is Italy). Ooh ooh ooh, and we’ve got some podiums going spare on Level 5!

Plus, with this Olympics, we’d all be guaranteed tickets.

All we need now is an organising committee. I suppose we could hijack re-imagine the new 2012 monitoring group, or whatever they’re called.


That’s decided then. Perhaps I’ll bring this up at the staff meeting tomorrow..?*

(*I’m not going to be bringing this up at the staff meeting tomorrow).

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