Paper Chased

Oh Paper Gods, hear me! What hath thine faithful servant done to offend ye?!

Libraries are filled with books. Books are made of paper. Fine. I accept that a Library should be filled with paper.


Sat at my desk, I feel as though I’m being swamped by dead trees (maybe I’ve offended the trees?). Registration forms, Missing Item forms, forms to say people have returned books, Lost book forms, books not on the Holdshelf print-outs, additional notes, post-its, ok breathe, breathe, breathe, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean.

Not to mention the Tower of Shreddable.

Ok, so the post-its are my own fault. Sieve-like memory. And perhaps I could be slightly more efficient with my filing. I have introduced ‘Filing Friday’, but had last Friday afternoon off, so that plan died a quick death.

Normally I’m fine with everything, but today has been long and paper-filled; and it got to me for the first time.

I can accept what is/isn’t possible for me to do in one day. And I know I could probably work a little bit harder/faster from time to time.  But that doesn’t change the fact that we seem to have an addiction to needless paper. All constructive suggestions (and brutally frivolous ones) are most welcome.


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