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Catalogue of Misery

Was today the worst Monday EVER?

Contextually speaking; clearly, plenty of people worldwide have experienced considerably worse in the last 24 hours, and I’m essentially being hyperbolically self-indulgent. So, allow me to clarify…

Was today the worst day at work in my library in the context of me and me alone: EVER?!

Well, actually no. I mean, for a start there was the time a student cross-examined me, accusing me of “preventing her learning” by not allowing her to subvert the £100+ on her record in order to take out textbooks. Oh, and the day some books were returned in a rather damp, yellow and odorous state- draw your own conclusions, we did, and those books were never issued again.

Looking at it rationally, today was just, well, normal. I did desk. I catalogued. My line-manager despaired inwardly as I asked the latest in a long line of inane, repetitive questions about the Dewey Decimal System which undoubtedly resulted in yet another poor, unsuspecting library angel losing his/her wings. Standard stuff.

Perhaps it was the post Olympiad blues kicking in, but I just wasn’t feeling it today. No concentration. Fidgety. Easily distracted. It also didn’t help that I stayed up into the wee small hours last night listening to the US Open final between Williams & Azarenka. Late to bed is sluggish to rise.

Unlike in other departments, I’m finding that the ‘bad’ days in Cataloguing are harder to shake off. When my mind starts to drift or go fuzzy, I find it extremely difficult to maintain focus on the screen- and everything is on the screen. Even the assorted other tasks which make up my workplace portfolio involve screen time. Eye and mental fatigue are constant foes. And like when Serena’s groundstrokes begin to break-down and she starts having to rely on that booming first-serve, so too does my limited repertoire of cataloguing skills falter, and I’m forced to fall back on my gimme shot; except in my case it’s a bit of an underarm shocker, dumped in at an extremely low percentage.

A laboured tennis metaphor, but you get the idea. It’s not pretty. I start grunting and eyeballing line-judges. Losing ugly.

Today was one of those days. I hope for better tomorrow. Though, I suspect my mood will be indelibly influenced by Andy Murray’s performance tonight. I’m listening at the moment, and he’s a break up in the 1st set. If it all goes pear-shaped, expect the next post’s headline to read something like WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE EVER, or similar.

An exaggeration? Wait until I upload a screenshot of the bib. record which crashes the LMS…

(Since typing the above, Djokovic broke back. Read into that what you will…)






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Library 2012

So, I was watching the coverage of time passing ahead of the Olympics next year, and started thinking:

What if we had our very own Library Olympics?

We could have events, medals & ceremonies. Wear lycra. Eww, okay, maybe not the lycra- after all, it probably wouldn’t meet the dress code. Or, would it..?

Anyway, the events would obviously have to be library related, so I’m thinking:

  • Speed shelving
  • 100m book trolley dash
  • Hurdling the Level 2 barriers (some of the students would ace this)
  • Marathon (race up the stairs from Level 2 to 6, Empire State Run style)
  • 4x400m Processing Relay
  • 50k walk (we’d have to get the RMT on board for this one, shouldn’t be too difficult…)
  • DDDecathlon

We’ve got a Pool, and a tannoy for announcements, as well as access to national anthems online (my personal favourite is Italy). Ooh ooh ooh, and we’ve got some podiums going spare on Level 5!

Plus, with this Olympics, we’d all be guaranteed tickets.

All we need now is an organising committee. I suppose we could hijack re-imagine the new 2012 monitoring group, or whatever they’re called.


That’s decided then. Perhaps I’ll bring this up at the staff meeting tomorrow..?*

(*I’m not going to be bringing this up at the staff meeting tomorrow).

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